Tuesday, December 10, 2013

May Designs: Custom Notebooks For You

“I feel like the accidental entrepreneur. I simply love what I do and by doing that, I’ve created a brand and a company that makes me excited to get up every day! It thrills me that we send out little packages of fun on a daily basis, and people can’t wait to run to their mailbox to see if their May Book has arrived yet. I never imagined I would be doing this, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”
Mica May, Designer/Owner

As a college student I love to have cute notebooks for my classes, plus they are hard to lose! May Designs is really one of the best things I've found in a very long time! On my search for a custom notebook I was very happy to find May Designs. I'll first start off by saying May Designs is a company with an innovative website that allows you to customize your own notebook, and not just notebooks they offer everything from day planners or budget planners, even wedding items! 

Their online web tool helps your come up with a one of a kind design you are going to fall in love with! The designs section offers hundreds of cute images and patterns to pick from, they even offer a monogram option so you can add you initials to the front, no one will be able to nab your notebooks then, or you can put your name, a quote, anything you want.

The end result will really have you very excited. I feel in love instantly as soon as I opened my package and saw my design come to life! The quality is way above any other type of notebook I have seen, the pages are bound by a sewing machine, brought together with high strength thread to ensure your book never comes apart. The paper is very thick, yay for me, as I love to use ink pens that often bleed onto other pages in normal notebooks. The best feature is that May Designs uses eco friendly products to make their notebooks, so rest assured that your notebook with do no damage to our beautiful planet!

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**Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are that of my own. I was not compensated to give a positive review.