Friday, December 27, 2013

Blogger Tips: How To Use Affiliate Links

Or maybe not? I have read blogs for years and have noticed the rise of spam blogs or blogs covered in ads. When I come to your blog, I want to read your content, look at your pictures and explore, but this is getting increasingly harder with the rise of affiliate programs, AdSence & other types of advertisement. 

If you are new to affiliate linking here is a quick run down. Companies offer you so much money per sale or a percentage of the sale made through the customer buying items after clinking of your unique link. You are given your own links or ads to place on your blog and you can track money you have made. Companies often pay every 30 days. 

Yes, I understand that you are just trying to make a few extra bucks, but at the same time your blog is getting lost in a sea of ads. As a bit of advice to other bloggers, especially if you are trying to attract brands, tons of ads really look unprofessional and tacky. Brands are always surfing the web looking for bloggers, and having a professional and neat layout really attract not just brands, but new followers as well.

Here are a few tips that will still earn your blog money, but also add to the aesthetics of your blog:

1. Use affiliate links: With affiliate links, you are able to link words to an ad instead of a picture. Imagine, you just signed up with the Sigma affiliate program and you want to get some traffic to your links, and hopefully purchases so you can earn a little income as well. Instead of a boring ad sitting on your sidebar, try writing a post about your favorite products the company offers or something along those lines, incorporate your affiliate links and bam! You can then promote your post over social media and get alot more traffic and attention to your links!

2. Place ads in posts: Yes, you can incorporate some of the tips from #1 in this. Do a write up about some of your favorite products, or do a review of products you may already have from the company you are affiliating with, than just stick your ad links or pictures in the post. Just don't forget to let your readers know that the post contains affiliate links! 

3. Tell a story in which your readers can connect: Never lose focus from your readers, as they are the foundation of your blog and the audience you are creating posts for. When I write I try to tell a story to my readers can connect to, people are much more likely to pay attention to your posts if they can relate to them. No one likes to read boring articles about this or that, bring your posts to life and you will notice a difference!

4. Never advertise something you wouldn't buy yourself: This is very important to remember, stick to brands in your niche. Yes I know Chanel ads are nice and look great on your blog, but at the same time most people don't regularly drop $30 for one can of blush. Resort to affiliations with brands your readers love! Sigma offers an amazing affiliate program, plus their products are much more popular and cost effective. 

5. Stick to your niche: Yes, the term 'fashion blogger' is just to broad, what type of blogger are you? Do you focus your posts on thrift shopping, or do you only blog about hair products? Keep this in mind when you are setting up affiliations with brands. People come to your blog because they love the content you have already established. You are much more likely to get clicks to your links if you stay in your zone.

6. Be honest with your readers: This is the most important aspect to keep in mind! As you research affiliations to join, you will notice others may pay better than others, but stick to brands you know your readers will love, regardless of making more money. Your readers will notice quickly if you are just posting to make money, and they will stop reading your blog. By being open and honest you allow your readers to trust your posts and they will stay loyal to your blog. 

I really hope you are able to take these tips and blossom! Do your research and stick to your brand and you will do well. Just don't forget to keep your readers #1!