Thursday, December 19, 2013

Angora Fur: Behind The Scenes


Asos is yet another brand who has joined other high-street stores Marks and Spencer, Next and H&M pulling and angora fur from their shelves and banning sales. In the last few days a video has surfaced revealing the cruelty and unethical practices used in the angora fur trade. The footage was released when PETA was able to get secret access to the Chinese angora factories; the video shows Chinese workers ripping the fur from the bodies of the screaming rabbits.

China is responsible for over 90 percent of the angora fur trade and the country currently has no laws against the mistreatment and cruelty endured by animals in the production of retail products. The video reveals how the rabbits are stretched over a wooden bench as they are forced to endure their fur being ripped from their bodies, leaving their skin very red and irritated. Making the matter worse, in my opinion, is that the rabbits are then placed in small and dirty cages to lay in their own filth are enduring the practice.


The workers use the practice of pulling the hair from the rabbits instead of sheering them because the longer, plucked hair sales for more than double on the pound over shaved hair. Angora fur is warmer the wool and cheaper to cultivate than cashmere so is much more highly sought after than other animal products. It is believed that more than 50 million rabbits located on countless rabbit farms are used in the harvesting of the angora fur. 

Huffington Post

PETA speaks out in regards to many retailers pulling angora from their shelves and from their websites, ''ASOS firmly believes it is not acceptable for animals to suffer in the name of fashion or cosmetics.  ASOS is a member of the Fur Free Alliance of retailers and recognizes that the sourcing of angora and other rabbit hair products causes distress to animals. As such, we will remove all ASOS and third party branded product that fails to meet the policy and no new orders will be raised containing angora or other rabbit hair.''