Friday, December 13, 2013

11 Secrets Your Hair Stylist Doesn't Want You to Know

 Here is a breakdown of some of the things stylists don't want to reveal to their clients. 

1. Clients that do not have an idea of the style they want are the worse.
''The worse clients are those that say they are easy to work with or the ones that tell you to do whatever you want. Nine times out of ten these are the worse and most picky clients. Make sure you have an idea of what you want to do before you walk into a salon.''

2. We KNOW you don't use the word bleach.
''Clients are always taken back by the word bleach because they instantly think hair damage, so we use pretty words like 'lighten' & 'decolorizer'  to ease clients into hair lightening.''

3. I keep notes on your client card.
''There are always those not so nice clients or the ones that do not tip well, so in order to keep up I write down little notes on client cards. This can also include little bits of information from our conversations so I know I will have something to talk to you about.''

4. Don't make your first appointments on Saturdays.
''Saturdays are ALWAYS the busiest day of the week and I am not able to give you the attention you deserve on a first visit. Schedule for a week day so I have the time to learn about you and what you want from me as a stylist.''

5. Thin hair doesn't have to be worn short.
''This is a huge misjudgment many of my clients have made for years. With the right styling and technique you can make thin hair look fabulous.''

6. Do not use a curling or flat iron on your hair if it is still wet.
''Always use a hair dryer to completely take the moisture out of your hair before you style it. If you hair has any moisture your iron will damage your hair.

7. If I am out of stock on your hair color, I just mix something else.
''I have made the mistake in the past to inform a client that I was out of their color and they were very nervous of my ability to mix the same color using other products. I have faith in my abilities to give you the right color, so I just keep the information to myself.''

8. Dirty hair is better to work with is a myth.
''Alot of clients are under the assumption that dirty hair styles better, but this can be further from the truth. Don't come in with smelly, greasy or tangled hair. Wash your hair the night before and don't use any styling products, this gives me a great starting point.''

9. Moms: Save yourselves the embarrassment.
''We know you've spent years growing your daughters hair all the way down her back, so when you come in asking for a pixie cut we know the problem. Lice is very easy to get rid of with the right treatments, save everyone else involved the embarrassment and take care of the problem the appropriate way.''

10. We don't wash we shampoo.
''Being in a salon environment, we want our clients to feel pampered, not like they are in their kitchen. Using luxurious words to describe services make you feel like you are getting upscale treatment and in turn makes out for better tips.

11. Learn to tip.
''Yes I know, but the time you get the works done the wallet may look a little thin, but please plan ahead of time to leave my a few extra dollars. As a stylist I am paying a weekly fee to rent my station as well as supply costs, and giving you an amazing experience and look, show your gratitude.''