Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Halo SleepSack Review

Founded in 1994 by William Schmid, Halo SleepSacks are the safest and most innovative baby sleep sack on the market. Inspired by the SIDS death of his daughter in 1991, Schmid decided to study safer sleeping environments for baby. Since 1994, Halo SleepSacks have become an amazing alternative to blankets, lowering the risk of harm to your baby. It's the #1 choice in hospitals and a portion of every purchase is donated to the First Candle/SIDS Alliance and Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Death to help fund ongoing research and family support.

Next I just want to express the amazing standards and certifications that this amazing product has passed, so you know you can trust this product to protect your precious baby. First off, the Halo SleepSack has been tested and passed by CPSIA for meeting compliance requirements on  lead content in their products. The Halo SleepSack has also gained the Oeko-Tex Cerficiation meaning that the textiles used to construct the product is free of harmful chemicals and substances. Other tests conclude that the Halo Sleepsack is breathable, made from fabrics that won't over heat the body of the baby allowing them comfort, also, the Halo SleepSack has been proven to not be constricting to the baby, allowing the respiration system to function at its best.

My personal experience with this product allows me to say that upon receiving, I was already assured that my daughter would be safe in her new Halo SleepSack. She slept all night without a fuss and was warm, bundled, and safe. I would recommend this product to any mother searching for a better way to keep their baby safe.

You can click here to be directed to the Halo SleepSack website.

Price: $30.00

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