Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Product Reviewer's Insight

Hello all, I figured I would give everyone a little insight into the world of product reviews, my experiences, and some thoughts. Writing has always come as a nature thing to me so one day I put my talents to use in the form of my blog Country Living Product Reviews. The name stems from the fact that I live in the coal fields of West Virginia, yes we are a state and we keep your lights on, and the other part of the name derives from my love of products and my thoughts on said products.
 I have always had a love for a variety of products like eco friendly items, make up and clothing, and with the new addition of my kids, baby items. I find a thrill in exploring the possibilities these products have to offer, though it sounds crazy, its like a story waiting to be told. Everything has limitless options and I love to have the ability to explore those options and tell other about my experiences.
The process of doing product reviews is truly a world of its own, but it also involves alot more work than one would think. The process starts with communication with a specific company with whom the review is for, discussing the details of the review and explaining what you have the offer. Next comes the best part, opening the package and examining the product and doing more research for the details that come along with it, trying the product and seeing other's reactions plays a big part in my thoughts of the item. Lastly comes the final step of actually writing the review. I try to incorporate as many details as possible as well as photos and a run about of my thoughts.
With all things, some products always have better qualities and things that set them apart compared to other products. I prefer products that have try to make an impact on our Earth or help other via a charity or another helpful fashion. I prize high quality items, you can tell by looking and feeling the product whether or not it's worth your money. Most items I am able to review are very well made, but some just don't make the cut. Companies that reach out to their viewers and try to engage their audience seem to care more about the quality of their product than others. It takes many steps to reach a very high quality product beginning with production. Good materials and construction make all the difference. Another thing I look for is how does the product suit me as the buyer? Does the product has features that make it worth my money? More than you though, I know.
The world of product reviews is a very amazing a vast world, but my niche offers buyers a valuable insight into products based on an honest and first hand experience with a product. I research everything before I buy it because you never know the things companies don't want you to know. It's an amazing and wonderful job that I love and I hope you may feel a bit better knowing that we are the honesty in a world of high sales and product pushing.