Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trendy Mom

I hate the stigma alot of women place on the way mom's should look. Woman thing that since you have a baby you don't have the time to keep yourself up anymore and that no one really cares anyway. Well, as a mom I think it is ideal to look the best you can look. It doesn't take much time to budget into your day to spend on yourself! You have to learn tricks and tips to fit the time in, and it's not as easy as it was pre-baby, but it can be done. So its your turn to become a trendy mom! Here is a cute outfit I have picked to show you its easy to match up an outfit and a few accessories to make a statement!

This is an very easy outfit with low maintenance! Find you a wonderful pair of shorts that are a little longer (hoochie mama days are over so cover your crack) and pair with a simple cotton 3/4 length shirt. Simple sandals with a little detail can make an outfit stand out. Add a cute messenger bag and some fun accessories and BAM, trendy mom here we come!