Monday, January 16, 2012

BondiBand Review

I will admit it, I am lazy. I like to kick back and take it easy sometimes, well alot of the time, but that doesn't mean that I have to look bad! I am all about products that make my life a heck of alot easier. I like products that serve a purpose, and products that look great. There are many such products out there with the technology these days, but I have found one fashion statement that makes looking lazy look great. BondiBand offers a variety of headbands, hats, and towels, they also feature baby hats!

BondiBands is actually a company that provides head fashions for runners. They offer hats that note accomplishments for marathons. Their hats offer the protection of absorbing sweat while still keeping you warm.

Headbands: The headbands are made from lyrca and are super stretchy and comfortable. They come in solid colors, with sayings, and in a ton of fashionable prints.

Hats: BondiBand offers hats, again, in a variety of styles and colors. You also have the option of picking a hat that has a ponytail hole so your hair isn't getting messed up and sweaty in the hat. With fold-down flaps, the hats also color your ears so they aren't getting cold.

Kid hats: The children hats are super cute and like the big hats provide style and warmth for your little one, you also have the option to match hats with your child, how cute it that?

BondiBand also offers sweat absorbing towels and swim caps! They options are limitless. Literally, because you can make a product with a design YOU choice, who doesn't love to make a statement?!

The actual product isn't my favorite part of BondiBand, crazy right? Well no, I love the fact that BondiBand makes all of their products in the USA, this is very important to me knowing that some factory overseas isn't being supported by my cash. I also LOVE the fact that BondiBand supports charities for kids with cancer, it's incredibly humbling to know that a company is out there to help those in need. I do alot of charity work myself and it's just amazing to see others with big hearts. BondiBand supports, Arms Wide Open, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and the DreamFar High School Marathon which actually supports at risk high school students to use running as an outlet, and to help them focus on the important things in life!

*Disclaimer: I received this product for the purposes of review. All the opinions expressed are mine and I was not compensated for an honest review.