Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Amazing ETSY finds

My absolute favorite place to shop has been and always will be Etsy. As a person who sells handmade goods myself, I love to support others in their en devours to reach the masses with high quality products. I support business in America and keeping our money where it belongs. So here is a little showcase I put together of amazing etsy finds

1. Braided Leather Booties by Viby's
When I first stumbled upon these cute little shoes I was amazed at how wonderfully put together and how all around cute they were. You can tell the high quality craftsmanship that went into these baby beautys. If you want a part, here on over to Viby's.

2. Layers of Ruffles baby Dress & Headband
I love baby clothes, and with a daughter it just fuels my drive to find the most cute outfits! These funky little dress shows tons to layers of high quality material and features hand crocheted flowers. Head on over to PunteBella and check out their shop.

3. The Shabby Chic Rosette
This beautiful headband is an absolute must have! Full of hand rolled silk flowers, this beautiful piece is sure to catch eyes. Featuring a mix of feathers, gems and pearls, this piece is amazing the most unique finds I have found. Please go look at Plume's and Blooms shop!