Thursday, January 26, 2012 Review

I have been lazy lately, I mean REALLY lazy.. After chasing kids, cleaning the house, running errands, doing laundry, getting up all night with a teething baby, I have NO energy for myself minus a 5 minute shower. Lately I've been looking horrible and I couldn't take it anymore. I HAD to do something with myself, so I conceived a plan to take a few minutes a day and make up a routine to give me some me time, this included working out a few times a week to give me some added energy. Working out usually brings to mine the thought of ugly jogging pants for giant t-shirts, but I was NOT going to look like some bad lady from the thrift store. That's where came in. I was taking a look around their site and man, was I blown away. They have some of the cutest workout gear that varies from tops to pants and even water bottles! I had the chance to review a few of their products.

First was the Margarita Wear race top. It fits great and holds up very well. I was pleasantly surprised when I took it for a spin at the gym. The top hugged my body and didn't slip or pull up during my work out. It is very breathable and I didn't get hot, plus it seemed to absorb the sweat so I wasn't left with a wet, icky shirt to go home it. I didn't feel constricted and it was very easy to move it. The top also keeps its shape after wear which is great! Did I mention that I LOVE the colors as they are easy to match with pants and can also be worn with jeans if you like comfy clothes. The side panels do great things for my shape and make me look at least 10 pounds lighter.

As I said previously, offers lines of work-out clothing from over 80 different retailers and also has work-out clothes for men. Cute pants, cute shirts, and even cute water bottles, what more can you ask?

So go check out and get out of those frumpy workout clothes!