Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review Policies

Review Policies

Promoting products and brands on blogs is a great way to get the word out to thousands of people with minimal effort.  I am very happy to review any product you would like. I love to get the word out to my followers about great products that can be handy, useful & make their lives easier and more enjoyable. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know!

Requirements and Information:

In order to give an accurate review of the product, I first need to have it on hand. How can I let people know my opinions without first having tried the product. This ensures the viewers are well informed and that I can gain an in depth look at what is being offered.

Meet The Reviewers:

Here at Country Living we have a whole group of people willing to try the products. This includes myself, my mother, boyfriend, children and other people with whom I believe would help give a great review to the product.

What We Review:

If you got it, we will give you an honest review based on the needs of your company, the questions you have, and the information for the viewer. We are not limited to any type of product, so get in contact and we will get started ASAP.


I love giving readers the chance to win some of the great products featured on the site. It is also a great way to promote products and further spread the word about your product.  Here is what you can expect from our giveaways:

  • We require readers to visit your website in order to gain a better understanding about the products and services you offer. They must leave an entry comment regarding what they have learned or products they like.
  • We product social media likes via Facebook, Twitter, etc., that allow readers to gain extra entries for the contests.
  • We promote our giveaways on other blogs and social media websites.
  • We like to add a personal touch to the giveaways by featuring information and pictures of the product as well as listing our review of the product.

Please Note:

  • The product must still be sent to me for review before a giveaway can take place, so that I know I am offering my views a great product.
  • Giveaways typically last from 7-10 days, but this can be to the discretion of the company.
  • Prizes must be sent to the winner by the company, as I will provide the winner’s information to you.


Another very popular option for shops is to offer a discount for my readers. This is a simple process of letting me know the percentage/amount you wish to offer as well as any code readers will need to use and the expiration date for the discount.

If you are interested in letting us preview your product, please send an email to countrylivingproductreviews@hotmail.com